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Let the Social Security Queen design a Social Security maximization strategy that is right for you and your family! After all, Social Security is the foundation of your retirement income plan.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Social Security makes up 38% of the average American’s income in retirement. And don’t forget- there are no do-overs! After 12 months, your claiming decision becomes permanent.

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You’ll know when and how to claim.

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Why Should You Maximize Your Benefits?

You Deserve It!

You have paid into the Social Security system for your entire working career. You and your family deserve to receive the highest amount over your lifetimes that you are eligible for!

You've earned it! So why not maximize it?

Maximize Your Retirement Income!

74% of Americans claim their benefits early, and receive greatly reduced benefits by doing so.

Delaying benefits from 62 until age 70 increases your monthly benefit by 76%!

If you are married, divorced, or widowed, there are more complicated combination maximization strategies that can be used to increase your benefit amount exponentially over your lifetime

While delaying is not always appropriate, it is important to explore this important decision with more attention to detail and receive expert advice to ensure you are implementing a strategy that is best for you!

Create Tax Advantaged Income Streams!

Social Security benefits are taxable in a unique way, allowing for some tax benefits. Many states (NJ included) do not subject Social Security benefits to taxation!

Placing a higher importance on Social Security can allow you to structure your draw-down on your retirement assets to take advantage of these tax benefits.

“Money Saved is Money Earned”- What you don’t pay in taxes is money you could utilize in retirement for your enjoyment, or pass along to your loved ones after you decease.

Lifelong, Guaranteed, Increasing Income!

Social Security benefits provide an income stream that is not dependent on market fluctuations.

Social Security benefits are adjusted for cost of living adjustments (COLA) to keep up with inflation.

As a retirement income stream, Social Security is better than most pensions, since most pensions don't increase!

For those who are claiming today and in the near future, Social Security as it is now will remain a stable, reliable source of retirement income.

More Important Now Than Ever Before!

Retirement funding has moved from a three-legged stool (Pension, Retirement Savings, and Social Security) to a two-legged stool (Retirement Savings and Social Security) now that more and more companies are doing away with traditional pension plans.

  • What does this mean?
    • Individuals have more pressure to fund their own retirement.
    • Social Security benefits have become more important to retirement income (making up 38% of the average American's income in retirement).

Provide for Your Family When You Pass!

Maximizing your Social Security benefit amount by utilizing the right claiming strategies strategies can allow the higher earner’s benefit to increase (the File & Suspend strategy may be appropriate for you!).

In the event of you or your spouse’s passing, the surviving spouse will be eligible to receive 100% of the highest benefit amount.

By strategically placing importance on increasing the higher earner’s benefit amount, we can ensure the surviving spouse will be taken care of!


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The Benefit of Using a Professional

Not just a computer program! You will have the benefit of the Social Security Queen and her expertise to guide you through the decision making process to maximize your Social Security benefits. When you use the Social Security Queen to evaluate all of your options for you, together you can arrive at your maximized solution based on your individual situation. Mistakes are too costly to attempt such an important decision on your own. For a married couple aged 62, there are over 100 million combinations of months for each of the two spouses to take retirement benefits. You’ve got enough to worry about in your lives and your careers. You don’t have time to learn 2,728 Social Security rules and regulations in order to design the right claiming strategy for you on your own.

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