MICHELLE FORD Chief Executive OfficerCertified Financial Planner™ Professional (CFP®)Certified Tax Specialist (CTS™)

Chief Executive Officer
Certified Financial Planner™ Professional (CFP®)
Certified Tax Specialist (CTS™)

Michelle first discovered her love for finance when she received a little red cash register for her 4th birthday. Years later, with the glow of Wall Street in her eye, she came to New York City from Queensland, Australia keen on a career in finance. Michelle found her true calling in the retirement space, recognizing both the need for qualified and talented professionals in the industry and the opportunity for a more fulfilling career helping clients work toward their dreams of a comfortable, secure retirement.

Michelle Ford has over 17 years of industry experience and holds a Bachelor's of App. Sci. in Property Economics from QUT in Australia. She has earned the prestigious Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) certification as well as the Certified Tax Specialist™ (CTS™) designation, and continues to further her education. As a knowledgeable professional on Social Security planning and maximization strategies, Michelle has been dubbed the "Social Security Queen".

Michelle believes clients are not numbers and their situations are as unique as their personalities. Her true forte is her skill for interlacing the intricacies of retirement income planning, Social Security claiming strategies, and tax efficiencies together to find a special formula that fits with each clients' individual situation.

One thing you really should know about Michelle; she hates taxes. It is because of this that Michelle takes quite a bit of effort to guide her clients' actions in the most tax-efficient route possible. "One of the easiest ways you can achieve an increase in your income is by being sensitive to the impact of taxation, especially the taxation of your Social Security benefits," she says. "No sense in paying taxes twice!"

Michelle founded LifeLong Retirement Corp in 2011 with the vision of bringing solution oriented, independent philosophies to the baby boomer as they move from the accumulation phase to the distribution phase and on to wealth transfer. The firm helps baby boomers structure their retirement assets to provide them with trusted solutions and rising income in retirement. This is done while seeking opportunities to pass the clients' legacy on to their loved ones in the most tax-efficient manner possible. As Michelle says, "We need to make sure that we protect the nest egg because it's too late to start again. Also, the same way you needed a pay raise in your working career, you need regular pay raises in retirement."

LifeLong Retirement Corp works closely with local NJ nonprofit Alliance Center for Independence (ACI), in a charitable role. ACI is a 501(c)(3) community-based, grassroots organization that supports and promotes independent living for people with disabilities in central New Jersey. Michelle has held various events for members and their loved ones, including Financial Literacy presentations and Legacy Planning for Special Needs workshops.

Michelle has been quoted in various industry publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Investment News among others. As a respected industry member, Michelle has been a speaker at national industry events and conferences, and provides training to industry peers. Michelle's knowledge and passion for the industry combined with her dedication to her clients have positioned her for a successful career helping the baby boomer realize their retirement dreams.

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